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IFOMP BodyBuilding Program

“I Fear Only My Program” IS AN EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAM, which requires a fully equipped gym.

Made through extensive research and testing by Morrow Shore’s Raven, a trained bodybuilding coach.

This post should be taken as inspiration at best; please consult a local coach for your actual program.

The program’s purpose is to maximize muscle growth through a comprehensive mix of proven techniques.

Perfectly follow exercise forms and be paranoid about it.

  • Check your neck, keep it relaxed and straight (continuation of your spine).
  • Check your spine, keep it straight.
  • Don’t bend your neck to look at your body parts; use the mirror if possible.

At no point should tendons or joints hurt.

If any sudden pain is felt during any exercise, stop immediately and ask for attention.

If a day’s target muscle group is sore, delay the entire program until it is no longer.

There is a 45~90 seconds rest between sets. There is no rest between reps.

Concentric and Eccentric motion should each take 1~1.5 seconds.
So each repetition should take between 2 and 3 seconds unless specified.

Avoid hyperextension of limbs. Whether it is your legs or arms, always have them slightly bent.

Adjust weights in a way that the mentioned set and rep would be the maximum you can do of that exercise. In other words, the last rep should really be the last rep you can do.

For example, if there is a 3x 12x exercise, you must NOT be able to do even 2 more reps after finishing 3 sets of 12 reps.

This program is focused on volume. Exercises could change from 3x12x to 4x5x and from 3x9x to 3x4x for power.

Repetition maximum is presumed %60~75 for volume, and %75~90 for power.

Weighted” means the exercises must be done with weights such as barbell or dumbbells, even if its conventionally done without weights.

Check exercises” are to see if the weights were adjusted well; If 3x reps or more of a check exercise can be done, the selected weights were too light in at least 2 exercises of that session.


Shoulder, Chest and Upper Back Day

1x Arms and Shoulders Stretch Workout
1x Upper Body Stretch Workout
1x Arms and Chest Stretch Workout

3x 9x Seated Lateral Raise (do not hyperextend)
Seated Lateral Raise Video

3x 9x Seated Front Raise (do not hyperextend)
Seated Front Raise Video

3x 9x Seated Rear Lateral Raise (do not hyperextend)
Seated Rear Lateral Raise Video

3x 9x Reverse Arnold Press or Arnold Press (do not hyperextend)
Reverse Arnold Press Video

3x 9x Incline Wide Grip Bench Press (elbow below barbell & do not hyperextend)
Incline Wide Grip Bench Press Video

3x 12x Wide grip bench press (elbow below barbell & do not hyperextend)
Wide Grip Bench Press Video

3x 9x High to Low Cable Flys
High to Low Cable Flys Video

3x 12x Decline Hex Press (do not hyperextend)
Decline Hex Press Video

Check: Wide Grip PullUp
Wide Grip PullUp Video

Thigh and Calves Day

1x Fighters Stretching Workout
2x Morning Stretch Workout

3x 9x Sumo Squat (with very heavy weight) – At 3~5s Eccentric, 1~2s Concentric
Sumo Squat Video

3x 12x Leg extension
Leg Extension Video

3x 12x Prone leg curl
Prone Leg Curl Video

3x 9x weighted bent-leg calf raise
Weighted Bent-Leg Calf Raise Video

3x 12x weighted calf raise (do not hyperextend)
Weighted Calf Raise Video

Lacking? Do the Flexibility and Control workout as well

Check: jump squat
Jump Squat Video

Arm & Traps Day

1x Arms and Shoulders Stretch Workout
1x Upper Body Stretch Workout
1x Arms and Chest Stretch Workout

3x 9x Barbell Curl (do not rest elbow & do not hyperextend)
Barbell Curl Video

3x 12x Dumbbell Hammer Curl (do not rest elbow & do not hyperextend)
Dumbbell Hammer Curl Video

3x 9x Concentration Curl (do not rest elbow & do not hyperextend)
Concentration Curl Video

3x 9x Barbell Skullcrusher (arms around 45 degree & do not hyperextend)
Barbell Skullcrusher Video

3x 12x Dumbbell Seated Overhead Tricep Extension (do not hyperextend)
Dumbbell Seated Overhead Tricep Extension Video

3x 12x Rope Pushdown (do not hyperextend)
Rope Pushdown Video

3x 9x Dumbbell Tricep Kickback (do not hyperextend)
Dumbbell Tricep Kickback Video

3x 9x Weighted Shrug* (push neck back and traps forth before concentric)
Weighted Shrug Video

3x 12x Barbell Wrist Curl
Barbell Wrist Curl Video

3x 12x Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl
Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl Video

Check: Close Grip ChinUp
Close Grip ChinUp Video

Core and Lower back Day

1x Morning Stretch Workout
1x Fighters Stretching Workout

3x 12x High SitUp (keep neck straight and unused)
High SitUp Video

3x 12x Weighted High Crunch (keep neck straight and unused)
Weighted High Crunch Video

2x 12x Bridge Tap*
Bridge Tap Video

3x 12x Back extension (do not bend over 175 degrees)
Back Extension Video

3x 30s Flutter Kicks
Flutter Kicks Video

3x 60s Elbow plank leg raise
Elbow Plank Leg Raise Video

3x 60s Reverse plank kick
Reverse Plank Kick Video

3x 50s Side star plank
Side Star Plank Video

Important Disclaimer

It’s perhaps important to re-iterate what was mentioned in the beginning.

You should NEVER blindly follow programs that you find online; workout programs should be developed over time, and tailored specifically for your current body state & talent.

Following a “general” program by dubious online characters, or lord forbid, from reddit or 4chan, may bring irreversible damage or changes in body proportion, especially if you’re not a veteran.

You should always take online workout programs as mere inspirations, and discuss them with your local coach to develop a custom program that suits you.

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