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comprehensive guide to riven mods

Comprehensive Riven Guide for Warframe

In this guide we will only cover the bare necessities that are needed for understanding Riven mods in warframe, to evaluate their performance, and estimate their cost.

Perquisite info:


Slottable Riven:

A Riven mod in Warframe could be considered NOT slot-able when its desirable stats are less than conventional mods due to the fact that players have limited mod slots available for their weapons. In Warframe, players can equip a variety of mods to enhance their weapons’ performance, but they are restricted by the number of slots available. If a Riven mod provides weaker or less desirable stats compared to other conventional mods, players may choose to prioritize other mods that offer better benefits. In this case, the Riven mod may be considered not Slottable as it does not provide enough value to justify using up a valuable mod slot.

Weapon’s Riven Disposition:

Riven disposition in Warframe refers to the strength of a specific weapon’s Riven mods, or rather, the amount of stats that their Rivens have.
The disposition of a weapon is determined by its popularity and usage among players.
If a weapon is widely used and considered powerful, its disposition will be lower, meaning Riven mods for that weapon will have less impact. And if a weapon is less popular or deemed weaker, its disposition will be higher, allowing Riven mods to have a greater effect.

Godroll or Groll Rivens

Sometimes a Riven can have the perfect positive stats, and the perfect negative stat.
God-roll Riven mods have 3 perfect performance-related positive attributes, and either free or beneficial negative attribute.

Stat grade, weight or Score:

Each attribute on every Riven can not only vary depending total number of attributes and its disposition, but they can also vary in a certain range completely at random.
The grading for the attribute, while does affect the performance slightly, is in vast majority of cases completely irrelevant.
Its effect in performance is most often negligible, and in pricing it only comes into effect when dealing with god rolls.

Free or Harmless Negative:

Negative attributes on a Riven mod (which appear when there are either 3 or 4 attributes) could potentially not harm the weapon’s performance at all.
A well-known example of this is -zoom. Keep in mind that certain negatives are actually BETTER than these, we will cover this extensively later.

Understanding Diminishing Returns

Put concisely, some stats on a riven are not great because there are too many ways of increasing it in an effective manner.
A good example of this is the +damage attribute, which on a lot of weapons can be achieved in abundance by many means such as warframe abilities, weapon arcanes, warframe arcanes, and weapon mods.

Understanding Status

In Warframe, the effectiveness of a weapon is partially determined by its ability to apply desirable status effects on enemies.

Best element?

Naturally, a +toxin on your Riven would be the best elemental stat to have, given it’s ability to contribute to the two most effective ways of building weapons (viral & corrosive).
However, don’t be disheartened when your Riven has cold or heat.

Physical Status

When a weapon has a 100% status chance, it means that every projectile fired will trigger a single status effect.
However, the specific status effect that is triggered is determined by chance, based on the ratio between the numerical amount of different statuses present on the weapon.
For example, if your weapon has 100% status chance, 300 puncture, and 700 corrosive, there will be a 70% chance your bullets will trigger corrosive, and a 30% chance to trigger puncture.

This is where the -impact and -puncture attributes on Riven mods come into play.
By reducing the amount of impact and puncture damage on a weapon, the chance of triggering desirable status effects such as slash or corrosive increases.

To reiterate, by reducing impact and puncture damage, the proportion of desirable statuses increases, thus increasing their likelihood to apply.

Likewise, undesirable statuses such as +puncture on your Riven will harm it’s performance and consistency.

Understanding Exceptions

There are many cases and weapons that are exceptions to the norm of modding, and therefore, Riven performance evaluation.
For example, on weapons like acceltra or zhuge prime, the +Punch Through attribute is HORRIBLE, as it completely ruins their intended explosive damage.
There are also gimmicks which involves specific attributes, for example, ON VECTIS, the -magazine capacity attribute is GREAT as it allows the weapon to be more consistent.

Performance Evaluation

Attributes or “stats” on Rivens are either positive or negative.

This doesn’t involve any subjective use of the weapon for any specific mission, but rather everything.

Categorization into Values

We’ve categorized them based on their GENERAL value into 5 levels or as we call them “value”s.


These stats can extremely worsen the performance, sometimes to the extent of making the Riven not slottable by themselves.


These stats harm the weapon’s performance to a very noticeable degree.


These stats are never needed, and while not hurting the weapon’s performance by much, they do reduce the numerical amount of the other stats on the Riven.
They could always be better; no one would go out of my way to want these, unless they’re thinking about Quality or Life or strange interactions.


These stats benefit the weapon’s performance without much drawback, but are typically overshadowed by better stats, or certain mods and buff abilities that offer them in abundance.


These stats are amazing on most weapons, and typically, they greatly improve the performance.
GREAT negatives are colloquially regarded as harmless or free negatives, but they’re still worse than -puncture and -impact.

Cheat Sheet

Here is the general evaluation cheat sheet of Riven stats:

AcriTisCritical DamageGREATHORRIBLE
CritaCronCritical ChanceGoodHORRIBLE
HexaDexStatus ChanceGoodHORRIBLE
CroniDraAttack RatemehBad
ToxiToxToxin DamageGREATn/a
IgniPhaFire DamageGoodn/a
GeliDoCold DamageGoodn/a
VexiTioElectric DamageMehn/a
MantiTronCorpus DamagemehHORRIBLE
ArgiConGrineer DamagemehHORRIBLE
PuraAdaInfested DamageBadmeh
SciSusSlash DamagemehHORRIBLE
InsiCakPuncture DamageBadGREATER
MagnaTonImpact DamageBadGREATER
LaciNusCombo ChancemehHORRIBLE
TempiNemCombo DurationmehHORRIBLE
PleciNentSlide CriticalmehGREAT
ExiCtaFinisher DamagemehGood
ParaUmInitial ComboGoodn/a
FortiUsCombo EfficiencymehBad
LoctiTorMelee RangeGoodHORRIBLE
LexiNokPunch Throughmehn/a
FevaTakReload SpeedmehBad
ConciNakFlight SpeedmehGood
ArmaTinMagazine CapacityBadmeh
DeciDesStatus Durationmehmeh
ZetiMagWeapon RecoilBadGREAT
AmpiBinMaximum AmmoBadGREAT

Pricing Rivens

The most important factor in pricing a Riven is how much the players are willing to invest to get their own.

While this sounds very rudimentary, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the player’s willingness is VERY MUCH affected by the current trends.

There are generally 5 weapon trend categories, all of which can be used to your advantage:

Elite Farming Strategies

These involve a weapon being used in an effective (typically player-friendly) farming strategy, and then propagated through YouTube or by chatter.
An example of this has been Ogris with the nightwatch napalm mod, but it has since been nerfed.

YouTube Videos

Unfortunately, the most impactful trend type, which typically involves a youtuber making a tier list of weapons or publishing a review or build guide on a weapon.
A notorious example of this is the demand for Phantasma Rivens, which is commonly attributed to the creator KnightMareFrame’s favor toward the weapon.

New Weapon Hype

Quite self-explanatory. This trend comes with almost every single new weapon.


This trend involves the weapons used in the currently known and accepted meta.
Keep in mind, this trend in no way, shape or form affects every meta, but only the ones that are well documented and known.

Necro / Idiocy

These trends are typically caused by misinformation, resurfaced old strategies, or regurgitated content regarding outdated, inapplicable or simply wrong strategies.
A notorious example of this is Ripkas, which is used to make the weapon strong enough to kill enemies and duplicate corpses (and then Desecrate) through its amalgam mod, however, you do not need to kill with ripkas itself, because certain warframe ability-affected kills (for example, Zephyr tornado) still trigger its effect even with other weapons, without requiring a direct kill with the weapon

Pricing God Rolls

Pricing Grolls is VERY subjective and reliant on the current trends.
Recommendation is to just list them at a price similar to other Grolls.

Pricing Good Rivens

A- If your Riven has no negatives, count the Good & GREAT attributes on your Riven mod.

If your Riven does have a negative, note the value of the negative, and count the Good & GREAT attributes on your Riven mod.

B- Open

C- Look at ONLINE Rivens of that weapon (and if your Riven had a negative attribute, enable “Has Negative” in the filters)

See at what price COULD you buy a Riven for that weapon with the same number and values of your Attributes.

D- List your Riven at a similar price.

Pricing Quirks

When analyzing the market, ignore clueless players selling GREAT Rivens for too cheap, or buy them yourself.

Polarities have value themselves; typically madurai > naramon > vazarin.

To be quick at pricing your riven, skim through the listings to find a riven that has a negative attribute of the same value as yours, and then check its positive attributes.
If their positive attributes’ values are worse than yours, then keep looking, until you find a similar or better Riven.

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